Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What's going on

Hello friends, I have not blogged for the longest time and I think that Billy Joel would agree. In these past few weeks I have gone on spring break to Aruba with my friends. Here we are posing on a Catamaran in the Caribbean:

My friend, Kelsey, parents were very kind and allowed us use of their timeshare. We had six lovely days of lounging around the beach and adventuring.

Lately we have also been working tirelessly on India preparations. The departure date is getting closer and closer, which is exciting but also nerve-wracking. Our group has to fundraise for the charities that we will be working with. Here are some of us at the spring concert, selling concessions to benefit the organizations:

I am really luck to be going with such a great group of people. Since St. Mike's is such a small school, many of us were fortunate to know each other already. We have biweekly meetings and other events more regularly, and it has been nice to get to know each other before the plane takes off.

I hope that everyone is having a nice post-Easter week and still has some candy to enjoy!

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