Thursday, March 8, 2012

And the winner is...

Happy first week of March and almost spring! Can you feel the warm winds and promise of sunshine? I don't know about you but I cannot wait for these warmer months to come.

This Tuesday was SUPER TUESDAY, and doesn't that sound exciting? Super Tuesday is the Tuesday during the presidential election year when the greatest number of states have primaries to assign delegates to the national convention. This past Tuesday, March 6, 410 delegates from 10 states were to be assigned to the Republican presidential candidates.

I worked on exit polling with Edison Research at some polling locations in Vermont. The results from these surveys are sent to NBC, CNN, ABC and Fox news to show during election coverage. I spent the day driving around the beautiful state and "roving," which means assisting the people who were stationed at the same polls all day. I went to Burlington, Barre and Northfield with my backpack filled with extra tally sheets, surveys and even a foldable ballot box. Very official.

No surprises here, Mitt Romney won the primary in Vermont with Ron Paul coming in second place. After my day of work I can say with certainty that there is a definite age difference between most Vermont Republicans and Democrats. If a person was under the age of 40 and with children on election day, chances are they would ask to fill out the questionnaire for Dems. The older folks tended to be Republicans and generally more unhappy about doing paperwork, even though it was voluntary.

Overall it was a good day and another form of political participation. Yay democracy!

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