About Me

Let’s start with this. I am your average, everyday sleep deprived-coffee addicted-school obsessed college kid. My name is Alyssa Malone and I am a junior at what I believe to the world’s greatest school, Saint Michael’s College. I am double majoring in Political Science and Spanish with a minor in Journalism. In the fall I studied abroad in Peru, and absolutely loved the experience.

I come from a small city (if you can even call it that), called Plattsburgh, which is located in Upstate New York. Though it is only a short hour away, SMC feels like another world. A utopia where the mountains are green, every car has a bumper sticker, and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is plentiful.

Besides these surface attractions, I was drawn to the obvious community that exists at SMC. The small classes, clubs, athletic teams, and the fact that everybody lives on campus blends to create an environment that is hard to resist.

On campus I am involved in the Student Association, Founder’s Society, and writing for the esteemed school paper, The Defender. During my freshman year I went on LEAP, a religious retreat, and it completely changed my outlook on life. I am involved in the MOVE program, which is a volunteer organization on campus. Some of my most rewarding experiences have come from traveling to Baltimore and Boston on extended service trips through MOVE.

When I’m not doing these things I read The New York Times and PostSecret like it’s my job. I also am a self proclaimed pop-culture expert, ask me anything, I dare you. I love all things Glee and the show, How I Met Your Mother probably more than any normal person. I like to run (even though I'm terrible) and I could probably live off of nutella and bananas.

My friends and I have recently dedicated our lives to crossing things off of our SMC Bucket List. This may sound a little strange, but it's not morbid, I swear. The list includes all the things we want to do here before we graduate. Some of these random goals include starting a spontaneous group dance in our dining hall, Alliot, and hiking up Mount Mansfield, Vermont's highest peak.

Well, that's enough about me for now. I am so excited to share my experiences with all of you! Peace, love and SMC!!