Thursday, May 20, 2010

My eye's on the prize

It’s been a while, but my first day of work was today, which brought out my inner spoiled brat. I try not to let the ugly monster come out too often, but in this circumstance it was inevitable. Right now I would rather spend my days sauntering around Plattsburgh and eating ice cream with my friends. I'm not ready to work yet. I collect money in a ticket booth at a campground, and let me tell you, it is not glorious. But at least I have a summer job (does anyone else find this term an oxymoron, because I sure do).

Since work is not very exciting, it is a good thing then that I have STUDY ABROAD to look forward to. And in less than 100 days!! 99 IS less than 100. Almost a third of SMC students choose to study abroad during their four years here at school. I haven't met anyone who has been unhappy with their program, and I really think that says something. With this being said I am SO happy to become a part of this statistic and on August 29th I will be jetting off to Cusco, Peru.
I will begin with a six-week homestay with a Peruvian family. Next I will move to a village in the Andes to stay with an Incan family. Whatever happens after that is completely up to me because I am doing an independent study project. Basically this means that I get to choose a topic that I want to research and conduct it myself.

It’s hard to prepare for this while still here, so I decided to start by buying Teva sandals, as suggested by my program, SIT. They were not my first choice, believe me. I don’t really have to buy too many things, which is nice. However, the lack of purchases I have to make for Peru is balanced by the amount of vaccines I have to get. Vaccinations are ruling my life right now and three days ago I had to get tested for tuberculosis. Next week is typhoid and then start my rabies exposure, yippee! I keep reminding myself that all these shots are worth it because of the experiences I will have. Images of Machu Picchu, the Amazon River and alpacas are swirling around my head.

If anyone wants to find me I will be occupying a lovely kiosk in the the backwoods of the Adirondacks. Soak up some sun for me and until next time!!

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