Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Doesn't get better than home

Hello! I hope that you've all had a wonderful Easter and aren't still feeling the stomach ache that accompanies the over-consumption of Peeps and jellybeans.

During the long weekend I went home to the always exciting Plattsburgh (kidding). Nothing too eventful or noteworthy happened, but it is always nice to go home to my family. For me and most other students, the change of pace at home is always relaxing and provides a much needed break from the rush of school.

The best part about Easter is that my parents still insist on giving my sister Lauren and I baskets. It makes me wonder if they know that my belief in the Easter bunny faded around the time I lost my first tooth. Regardless, they gave me lovely gifts that included a new scarf, the movie Roman Holiday, and my personal favorite a GIANT REESE'S EGG. In order to fully comprehend the enormity of this gift, I must tell you that it weighs 6 ounces. Look at this-

My family and I go to church on Easter morning, which is always fun. Here is a picture of Lauren and I after mass on Easter-

Lauren just turned 18 and is enjoying the wonderful college selection process. I am shamelessly plugging SMC with her and I think the incessant nagging may be working. She is coming to visit me soon and I am SO excited.

Breaks usually go by far too quickly and when I came back last night I prepared myself for the final stretch. With one month left, the coming weeks here are what students refer to as "crunch time." There is a pronounced change in the air. Everybody buckles down, puts on their serious pants/thinking caps and becomes the determined student that is within us all.

This all sounds good, but being studious in 70 degree weather is always a struggle for me. I want to be outside, soaking up the sun's rays. It doesn't help that I can see the beautiful Green Mountains in the distance, begging to be climbed. I guess it's good for my productivity that it has been rainy lately. Until next time!!

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