Monday, April 19, 2010

Home is whenever I'm with you

This past weekend here at SMC was pretty eventful. My younger sister Lauren came to visit me and I was so happy because I miss her so much while I’m here. Lauren, my friends, and I went to the Third Eye Blind Concert on Friday night and it was amazing. Every year the school hires a band to perform a concert in the spring and it is always a nice distraction from the end of the year crunch.

Besides seeing the concert, Lauren went to Accepted Student Open House on Saturday. My friend Michaela gave Lauren and other students a tour of campus despite the unfortunate downpour. I hung around with the group; I swear it wasn’t creepy, and observed as much as I could. Just when I thought I knew everything about SMC a wonderful tour guide surprised me and taught me more. For example I had no idea that the St. Michael’s chapel, where I attend mass weekly, is the largest chapel in Vermont and the waiting list to get married there is over three years long! Crazy!

Sadly after the tour, some sister shenanigans, and lunch at the Skinny Pancake in downtown Burlington, it was time for Lauren to leave. I was sad to see her go but when she said that she would see me in three weeks I could hardly believe it. I only have three weeks left at St. Michael’s until January. How it taken me so long to realize that I am studying abroad, I will never know.
In keeping with this realization, it is only natural that there was a study abroad meeting last night. Applying for study abroad is a bit like applying to college, so I felt the stress that you all are going through once again. This year there are 109 students who will be studying abroad in the fall in 34 different countries.

I am nervous about leaving the SMC community but by looking around the room I took solace in the fact that I was not alone. All of us are going to have exciting experiences that will be so unlike anything we have ever done before.

We are always leaving our families, homes, and comfort zones. While this may seem scary and intimidating, it is important to keep in mind that we do these things all in the name of adventure. In our lives we are constantly making new friends and becoming acquainted with new places that we can call home. How exciting is that?

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