Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Weekend activities

Hello everyone, I hope that your semester is off to a good start. I don't have class until 1 o'clock most days and I work some mornings but productivity is always a struggle. I get up, have my coffee and lazy walk around my house for while when I should be starting my day. Alas, struggles of a second semester senior.

It's no secret that college students anxiously await the weekend, but I am going to let you all in on some things that we do during our blessed two days of rest.

Friday night:
-Go climbing with my roommate, Susan, at Petra Cliffs, where St. Mike's students are offered a pass to climb for the YEAR for 35 dollars. An incredible deal. Friday nights are my favorite time to go because there aren't too many people there.
-Celebrate my friend, Ashley's 22nd birthday by going to downtown Burlington for a lovely dinner at Sweetwaters. The food and company was wonderful.

-Saturday mornings are bright and full of possibility. My roommates and I always take a long and leisurely time to eat our breakfast and talk. This Saturday I did my long run of 5 miles in training for my third half marathon in April.
-Superbowl snack shopping. I didn't root for a team, but I think that our snacks won. Artichoke dip, 7 layer dip, smiley fries and homemade carmel covered popcorn were my personal favorites.

-Snowshoeing in Underhill, VT with my good friend Greta and the SMC Wilderness program. We walked on a trail called Nebraska Notch and it was an invigorating 4.5 roundtrip hike. Even though snow in Burlington has been scarce, the trails were covered, making it a beautiful walk.

We were back on campus by 1 o'clock, a great time for a Sunday nap before the Super bowl madness began. I hope that everyone had a lovely weekend as well!

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