Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Esta es la tesis

The first semester of my senior year has come and gone. I have researched, written, and presented both of my theses. When I go back to Saint Mike's in January I will be a second semester senior. Can someone please tell me what that is about?

Last Monday I presented my Spanish thesis called, Los marginados y sus papeles en el narcotr√°fico (the marginalized and their roles in the drug trade) to my class and a few other professors. I tried not to be nervous in the days preceding my presentation but in the moments leading up to it my heart was beating furiously. However, when I stood up to speak I was overtaken by how far we had all come together and I was not nervous anymore. Spanish is not a big major at St. Mike's, so it is entirely likely that the same 5 people may be in all of your classes. Here we are and please take note of how much female Spanish majors enjoy scarves:

My friends Sunny and Ari, after presenting. Elated is the word I would use to describe how we felt.

As a class we were allowed to choose our topics based on our outside interests. People presented on literature, music, political economy and culture shock, just to mention a few. Another professor said how interesting it was that our passions were able to come through into our topics. That is how I view my Spanish major, as an additional lens that will allow me to better understand the world, and especially political culture.

Although I researched and wrote a lot this semester, none of it ever seemed too tedious because I enjoyed what I was doing. I hope that everyone can find a field of study that allows for this, because hating what you do definitely seems more exhausting and less rewarding. Here's to finding our passions and being able to live them!!

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