Monday, September 19, 2011

It's a wild world

After spending Saturday night in a tent, I can say with good authority that fall is on its way. This weekend I went on an overnight hike with the wonderful wilderness program here at SMC. The offer programs to go on day hikes, rock climbing, sea kayaking and other great activities. During our hike we followed two different trails making a loop that brought us to the summit of Belvidere Mountain. Look at this view:

I had hiked this mountain this summer with my friend and wilderness instructor, Susan, but I wanted the chance to do an overnight before the season is over. Here Susan and I are when we hiked Belvidere in May:

This time I had a much heavier pack on my back, muddier trails because of Irene, and a few great people that I hadn't met before the hike. Our group consisted of six people--two instructors and four participants. For just a few dollars we were provided with the gear we needed but may not have had (sleeping pad, down jacket etc.), three delicious meals (pita pizzas, pancakes and oreos galore) and a great way to take advantage of all that Vermont has to offer.

Part of my group surveying the scene when we reached the peak:

I can't think of a better way to spend a beautiful weekend. Can't you tell we were so excited?

After reading this get outside and enjoy the sun!

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