Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Buffalo Chicken Wrap in Alliot!!

I think we all know that no dining hall can compete with food from the comforts of our own homes. At school the food is mass produced, you eat with at least 200 other students, and more often than not the meal is rushed. However, there are some dining hall favorites that can make even the weariest student forget that mom didn't make their meal.

1. The infamous BUFFALO CHICKEN WRAP- Just this morning close friend and fellow blogger, Michaela, texted me to say that we absolutely must go to lunch to enjoy this classic. It's delicious, trust me.

2. Banana Bread- Even as a banana bread connoisseur I find the Alliot version delectable. Especially with chocolate chips. You have to get it while its hot, because in 20 minutes it may be gone.

3. Scrambled with (cheese)- Some mornings I wake up with an awful craving for scrambled eggs. I wake up, stumble over to Alliot and walk up to the egg counter and the day is instantly better. I promise.

4. Vegan Mac and Cheese/Vegan Chili- My friend Ari thinks that these options are the cat's meow. Every night for dinner there are special options for all of the vegans amongst us. The falafels are good too.

5. Granola- Alliot makes their own granola, which I find impressive. I'm not sure what exactly they put in this magical cereal treat, but whatever it is, it sure does taste good.

This post has made me hungry! I sincerely hope that everyone enjoys their meals today, it really does improve your outlook on life.

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