Saturday, September 4, 2010

Staying alive

Culture shock. How do you know if you have it? What does it feel like? Well, it feels like seeing an entire roasted pig (head and all) on the kitchen table for lunch. In Peru, it's called lechón, and it is a delicacy that my family bought from Lima. I ate it, but it was one of the biggest struggles of my new Peruvian life. I want you all to see it, so here it is:

I am officially living with my host family in Cusco. They are a very nice retired couple with five children who have moved away. I have never had a television, my own bathroom, or a king sized bed, so it is so strange to have that all for the first time in Peru.

Besides the suckling pig, food here is so different. We eat bread and jam for breakfast, and HUGE lunch, and a tiny dinner at around eight at night. As someone who is suffering from a caffeine addiction, the coffee could not be any better.

Other differences...traffic lights are hard to find and stop signs are more like suggestions. Every time I cross the street I pray I don't get hit by a rogue Cusqenian car. Only the bravest of the brave drive in Cusco. And did I mention how cold I am? It is seriously time to buy some alpaca sweaters. Okay well, that is it for now, I just wanted to show every Alliot complainer my lunch. ¡Ciao! (That's how people say goodbye, but doesn't it sound Italian?)

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